July 2022
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Vested Exchange Launches SaaS Data Management Platform, NV

(Las Vegas, Nevada) Vested Exchange announced today the launch of a comprehensive data management platform, Vested Exchange’s mission has been to revolutionize the Lead Generation’s business, shaping the way businesses of all types and sizes collect, hygiene, and sell their data. Smart computing solutions, security, and scalability have helped position Vested Exchange as a mainstay in an ever-changing lead generation landscape.

Leadership, John (JP) Dwyer, Edmond Pain, Mike Monetti, Kirk Holmes, and Allison Callis, established entrepreneurs, and are well versed in the lead generation industries, marketing, and sales.

“We found a large gap in the data management space when it comes to managing vast data sets in this segment,” said Founder John Dwyer. “Many companies are still using spreadsheets or trying to integrate with platforms that do not completely meet their needs. The makeshift and segmented platforms are tied together with tape and chewing gum. It seems archaic when dealing with innovative marketing tactics.”

The business of aged data and lead generation have been the wild west up until the last five years. The companies are now under increasing scrutiny. Privacy and security requirements as well as the ability to manage new data and properly repurpose and track data sets to protect and give the end buyer a better-quality product is the chief mission of Vested Exchange’s initiative.

“We have worked with the Insurance, Mortgage, Auto, Home services and Solar industries for decades and understand the in’s and outs their businesses as well as reputable lead generation and management. We want to offer data publishers as well as their advertisers the best possible scenario when it comes to managing data. We also see considerable opportunity when it comes to other industries. Today, most companies have data. They are limiting how they use it to simple email strategies or new client acquisition. They need a way to go further. Leverage and manage their data and keep the trust of the people providing it.” Says, Edmond Pain, Founder of Vested Exchange.

Over time, opening this up to companies to monetize their own data positions, Vested Exchange will be an industry leader in the aged data segment. During the next year Vested Exchange will provide secure and reliable management solutions while implementing an aggressive development strategy for its clients.

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