All the Right Features

Vested Exchange’s feature list allows ingesting and pulling data quickly to help make your data more profitable and secure.

Ability to control access to the data

Ability to have a large database in one place

Ability to export and share your data when and how you want

Ability to track what data you send to whom

Ability to add and generate suppression lists

Ability to add more data at will

Ability to have an internal DNC list

Ability to have a secure environment for your data

Ability to manage the ingestion process with ease


Ability to have access to additional features to better monetize your data



Vested Exchange started as a management platform for one of the leading data user. We recognized the need for other users to have a platform where they could easily manage their databases in one place. We found many were still working in spreadsheets and with multiple platforms. This process is slow and arduous.

We offer a better way to manage your data while streamlining your processes to be more efficient and more profitable. Vested Exchange has an aggressive path for development over the next year. Join now and benefit with new exciting features to help monetize, vet, report, invoice, and sell your data!